Dear Link Community,

I am writing to share deeply disappointing news. On September 11, 2022 our Board of Directors voted to close Link Public Schools, effective immediately.

As a public charter school, Link Public Schools receives funding based on student enrollment. Due to our unstable enrollment, we simply do not have the financial resources needed to deliver a program that fulfills our mission and provides an enriching school experience for our students.

We determined closure was the only responsible decision under the circumstances. We are making this difficult decision now because the longer we wait, the more disruptive it will be to our students and families.

Starting immediately, our staff have been supporting any family that requests our help in enrolling at a new school for the 2021-2022 school year. Our commitment is to ensure every former Link Public Schools student is enrolled in a high-quality school this fall. As of this morning, all but two students have enrolled in new schools and we’ll support families until 100% have done so.

Our entire Link Public Schools team sincerely wishes that the outcome had been different. We wish all of your children’s continued success in their educational journey.

In partnership,

Jinah Chernivec
Board Chair

Link Public Schools

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