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Why teach at Link?
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Our Opportunity

Built on a strong foundation of community support, Link’s team has an amazing opportunity to focus on the shape and breadth of their impact as educators.

If possibility excites you,
If equity in education compels you,
Then you’ve come to the right place.  

We are here to change the status quo of what secondary education in the Twin Cities can be.

Link's dynamic founding team of educators makes intentional choices and commitments. We are united by a shared commitment to the success of every one of our students. We'd rather work on a team than in siloes because we know that when our team thrives, our students thrive. We have a hunger to grow our knowledge, skills, and mindsets because that's what we will ask of our incredible students each day. We are willing to bring our full selves to the work, knowing that our unique identities and experiences contribute to a transformative team and school culture.

Founding a school like Link is no easy task. It requires flexibility, creativity, patience, perspective, drive, and vulnerability. We are looking for individuals to embrace Link's vision and help bring it to life through their unique talents and experience.

Please consider applying if you are ready to shape our interdisciplinary literacy vision, draw from your passions to co-create a club or community service initiative, set the joyful tone of our school spirit, dig into data to uncover and address inequities, and/or invest in the growth of your fellow educators.

Each member of our founding team will shape what Link will be for decades to come. Thank you for considering serving on this team. We can't wait to meet you.