Great people are key to building great schools.

Link’s founding team will be a powerhouse of diverse individuals invested in equity and self-reflection right alongside the compelling lessons they create. Link emphasizes a holistic commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion that spans our students, teachers, leaders, and board of directors.

Why Join Link's Founding Team?

A Mission that Ignites Meaning and Purpose

Link Public Schools is a diverse, purpose-driven community that equips all students for college, career, and life. 

A Vision Not Just for Link, but for All

Link transforms the Twin Cities alongside a generation of leaders equipped to build a more just and inclusive society.

A Team with Dynamic Leadership

Our stories- the personal and professional experiences that have shaped each of us and our approach to this work- are different, and those differences strengthen our shared vision.

We honor our teachers, their development, and the craft of teaching by building a community of practice that achieves meaningful goals together.

We are energetic and inspired, organized and driven, compassionate and caring. We’re committed to solving big problems together, honoring our community, and uniting with you to form a stronger whole.

A Community with an Expanded Definition of Student Success

Across all content areas, Link Public Schools will provide academic experiences that support students in becoming sharp, inquiring, and creative thinkers who are driven by purpose, critically conscious, and excited to collaborate inclusively. Literacy, problem-solving, and evidence-based thinking are intertwined within all disciplines.

Throughout all academics at Link, the developmental as well as the social-emotional wellness of students is centered to create a holistic experience for our youth. Equipped with this academic experience, students will be ready to navigate college, career, and life. 

Be Part of Building Something

With a strong foundation to build upon and an amazing community’s support, Link’s team gets to focus on the shape and breadth of their impact.

Joining Link's founding team means you are ready to shape our interdisciplinary literacy vision, draw from your passions to co-create a club or community service initiative, and set the joyful tone of our school spirit. It means you are ready to grow your leadership both in and out of the classroom to leave a lasting impression on who Link is and what Link will continue to be for decades to come.

If this sense of possibility excites you, if a commitment to building equity in education compels you, then you are looking in the right place.      

What Sets Link Apart?

Our approach, our program, and our impact are driven by four core elements we call "The Venn" 


What it means...
Having a positive, nuanced understanding of personal identity and an ability to navigate systems with a critical consciousness that upholds the humanity of self and others.

How it manifests in our work...
Intentional programming in a diverse setting around positive identity development, partnering across lines of difference, and valuing diverse perspectives.


What it means...
Seeking clarity about the values that ground us, the relationships that support us, and the issues that inspire us. We navigate and pursue a purpose-driven life.

How it manifests in our work...
Instructional throughlines that support students in determining  the personal values that drive their actions, desires, and interests.


What it means...
Being an active member of the communities and having a positive  impact within our locus of control. We see our whole selves 

How it manifests in our work...
Commitment to always making the time to strengthen relationships  and engage in the school and larger communities.

Compelling Academics

What it means...
Creating an environment that builds curiosity and interest,  hones college-ready knowledge, habits, and skills, and that makes us creative  problem-solvers. 

How it manifests in our work...
Academic experiences that nurtures interests, is alive with  dialogue, establishes critical literacy, and encourages creative problem  solving. 

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It takes a village to raise a child and we're building a village to help raise hundreds of children. Apply to be a part of Link's Founding Team today.