Mission, Vision & Core Values

Link Team Photo

Our mission, vision, and core values guide every decision we make. They are central to who we are as a school and community.


Link Public Schools is a diverse, purpose-driven community that equips all students for college, career, and life.


Link transforms the Twin Cities alongside a generation of leaders equipped to build a more just and inclusive society.

Core Values

Link has four core values, which support conditions for a healthy community. At Link, we believe our school community to be one that supports individuals in being the best version of themselves. Our agreement to share these values allows us to take risks, ask questions, make mistakes, and live in our values.

Core Value 1: Respect

We show respect to ourselves, our school community, and the world around us in every interaction and decision we make. In a school where all are respected, we can learn, grow, and be in community with & alongside one another.

Core Value 2: Curiosity

We ask the hard questions! We are excited to learn, understand, and challenge our own thinking. In a school community where we are all different, we are curious about one another and excited to learn about what makes us unique.

Core Value 3: Integrity

We do the right thing, even if no one's watching. We make decisions - especially the hard ones - from a place of integrity, where we stay true to our values. We hold ourselves accountable when we miss the mark.

Core Value 4: Resilience

The work of learning and growing in a diverse community is beautiful, and it can also be hard. We persist through setbacks and maintain optimism when the outlook seems rough. We believe in the potential of ourselves and one another.