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Our Philosophy

We want to make it as easy as possible for families to safely get their students to and from school each day.

As we're a school in our first year, our transportation options won't be as extensive now as they will be in year 5. Our draft year 1 transportation plan is shown on the right.

Transportation Options

Bus Routes

We are aiming to operate two bus routes through St. Paul:

1) Highland Park, Mac-Groveland, Hamline-Midway, Como Park, North End

2) Payne-Phalen, portions of Dayton's Bluff, western portion of the Greater East Side

Van Route

We're aiming to operate a van route through West St. Paul.

Walking Route

Students who live quite close to the school will be in our "walk zone." We'll work with parents in the walk zone to ensure walking routes are safe and efficient.